Fitness Law Academy

Enhancing Fitness Safety through Education

Changes and Updates

Chapter 2


Insert reference #11 (Head and Horn) on p. 53 -- after the the first sentence under the Step 2 -- Development of Risk Management Strategies heading as follows:  As shown in Figure 2-2...development phase (11).  

Chapter 3


a) In the spotlight case, Waller v. Blast Fitness Group, Inc. (p. 70): Replace Missouri Human Rights Commission (MHRC) under Procedural Facts with Missouri Human Rights Act (MHRA) as referred to later in the case description.

b) Exhibit 3-3 (p. 79): In the title, replace IV with VII.

Chapter 4


On p. 116, 2nd column toward the bottom (van der Smissen quote): Replace "is actively engaged" with "might be actively engaged."


Published Standards of Practice: ACSM has published its 11th edition (2021) of ACSM Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, Gary Liguori, senior editor. Available at:  ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription (

Chapter 8


The Jordan McNair case (described on pp. 318-319) was settled for $3.5 million. See article by Andy Berg published in the Athletic Business e-newsletter -- Maryland Settles Lawsuit Over Heatstroke Death at: (January 2021).

Chapter 10


On p. 399, 1st column, 2nd paragraph:  Replace University with Universal (Universal Global Design)