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Textbook Testimonials

Testimonial #1

This is an extraordinary book that should be in the possession of every fitness manager or exercise professional! This publication covers everything that the professional needs to know about law, liability, and risk management -- the breadth of the text is amazing. The entire book is of value, but if one reads only chapters one and four, they will have their money's worth; in fact, they will have a handy reference that will benefit them for years to come. And on top of all that, this complicated subject is presented in a style that includes a lot of charts and graphics that help to make it easily understandable to someone with no legal training.

Dr. Doyice Cotten

Professor Emeritus, Georgia Southern University

Risk Management Consultant, Sport Risk Consulting, Statesboro, GA

Testimonial #2

The University of Toledo offers a Human Performance and Fitness Promotion concentration within the Bachelor of Exercise Science degree. Our students are required to take a Professional Responsibilities in the Fitness Industry course. We selected the Law for Fitness Managers and Exercise Professionals text. The text is an outstanding compilation of legal cases to discuss with students as well as facts and risk management strategies to discuss and use as a basis for creating risk management plans. The knowledge the students obtain from this text will help them become responsible health/fitness professionals. It is my hope that they will keep this text and refer to it often as a helpful resource.

I want to compliment Dr. JoAnn Eickhoff-Shemek for taking the time to work with other professionals in creating a document that covers multiple aspects of the law, liability exposures, risk management strategies and professional responsibilities and scope of practice. The new law cases presented have opened the eyes of many of my students. I encourage others to review this text and implement it in their programs.  

Suzanne Wambold RN, Ph.D.


School of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation Services

Coordinator, Human Performance and Fitness Promotion Program

College of Health and Human Services

The University of Toledo

Testimonial #3

Dr. Eickhoff-Shemek along with her colleagues Atty. Zabawa and Atty. Fenaroli have created a masterful resource for exercise professionals and fitness managers. This textbook is extremely detailed with objectives to be learned from each chapter, legal law cases and extensive references. The book is most current with references to Covid-19. As an adjunct at Central Connecticut State University many years ago, I wished I had a textbook for my exercise science undergraduates which was as comprehensive as this stellar book in the field!

Tom Bowler

Expert Witness

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