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Enhancing Fitness Safety through Education

Risk Management for Health/Fitness Professionals:
Legal Issues and Strategies

Learn, understand, and apply legal and risk management concepts that are specific to the health/fitness field with this comprehensive, groundbreaking textbook. For more information and how to order the text as well as testimonials from fitness managers/professionals and professors, click the following links:



Physical Fitness: Guidelines for Safe and Effective Exercise

A quick, easy-to-read 32-page booklet that you can provide for your participants to help them learn important principles of safe and effective exercise that will help them minimize injuries! Read more about this booklet and how it can minimize legal liability for fitness professionals and facilities as well as pricing information.


Two DVDs - Available Through Healthy Learning

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The Health/Fitness Professional's Guide to the Law, Legal Liability, and Risk Management

Part I: Understanding the Basics (60 minutes)

Part II: Applying the Basics (81 minutes)