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Enhancing Fitness Safety through Education



After successfully completing the “new” CEC/CEU course (Minimizing Legal Liability and Maximizing Fitness Safety), exercise professionals who work in positions, such as manager/director, assistant manager/director, supervisor, program coordinator or other leadership positions are eligible to obtain the Fitness Law Academy’s certification:


                                                                CERTIFIED FITNESS SAFETY MANAGER (CFSM)

After successful completion of the CEC/CEU course, eligible candidates will be "invited" to earn this certification. At that time, details will be provided regarding the certification fee and registration. To earn this certification, candidates will need to pass a 2-part practical examination:

Part 1: Completion of a written risk management project that can be implemented in the candidate’s facility or program. The written project will be graded on a pass/fail basis – it must reflect sound legal/risk management principles.

Part 2: Upon successful completion of the written project, the candidate will need to pass an oral examination defending the written project, (i.e., successfully answering questions in a virtual setting such as Zoom).

Eligibility requirements:

(1) A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, fitness/wellness, or related field 

(2) Currently in a management or leadership position (described above) for at least one year

More details about this certification and the practical examination will be posted here by June 1, 2021 

After successful completion of the certification practical examination, individuals will receive the following certificate. 

Certificate of Completion