Fitness Law Academy

Enhancing Fitness Safety through Education

CEC/CEU Course:
   -- Self-Study Course for Fitness Managers and Exercise Professionals
   -- Self-Study, Independent Study Course for Academic Credit for Exercise Science Students

Minimizing Legal Liability and Maximizing Fitness Safety

  • Comprehensive, peer-reviewed course that busy fitness professionals and students can complete anytime and at their own pace
  • Only CEC/CEU course in the country that addresses legal and risk management concepts that are essential for all fitness managers and           exercise professionals to learn and understand in today’s litigious society
This Course is Designed for Current and Future Fitness Managers and Exercise Professionals Who Want To: 
  • Create a safety culture within their facility
  • Learn important legal concepts and principles
  • Minimize injuries and subsequent litigation
  • Help ensure their fitness staff members are teaching safe and effective programs and within their scope of practice
  • Understand laws that are applicable to the fitness field and how to incorporate them into daily operations
  • Adhere to national safety standards published by professional organizations
  • Gain an appreciation of common negligence claims and effective defenses to refute negligence claims
  • Develop a working knowledge of the law in order to intelligently discuss legal/risk management issues with legal counsel
  • Utilize strategic planning skills to develop/implement a comprehensive risk management plan for their facility
  • Understand how risk management leads to increased profits, membership retention, operational efficiency, and enhances the reputation of the fitness profession


These educational programs are taught by two of the nation’s leading authorities with over 70 years of combined professional experience.