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Enhancing Fitness Safety through Education

              Our Mission

To advance the fitness profession by providing educational programs and resources that will help minimize legal liability and enhance fitness safety.

By learning and applying legal concepts and risk management strategies, fitness managers and exercise professionals will be well-prepared to carry out their many legal duties and at the same time provide high quality (safe and effective) programs for their participants.

Dr. JoAnn Eickhoff-Shemek (Dr. JES)

President and Founder

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  The Need For Legal and Risk            Management Education

Research has Shown:

  1. The number of injuries associated with physical activity is increasing every year.
  2. Numerous negligence claims and lawsuits are made against fitness professionals and their employers every year.
  3. Fitness professionals have received very little or no education in their academic or certification programs regarding legal concepts and risk management.
  4. Knowledge of and/or adherence to fitness safety standards published by professional organizations is low among fitness professionals.
  5. Fitness professionals that implement risk management strategies into their daily practices can reduce the number of injuries and costly, subsequent litigation. Risk management also enhances the quality of programs/services delivered and the reputation of the fitness profession.

       Our Educational Courses

For Fitness Managers & Professionals

(Earn 22 ACSM* CECs and/or 2.0 NSCA* CEUs)

Minimizing Legal Liability and

Maximizing Fitness Safety

For Exercise Science Students

(Earn 22 ACSM* CECs and/or 2.0 NSCA* CEUs)

Minimizing Legal Liability and

Maximizing Fitness Safety

Students: Take this course as an Independent Study for academic credit and receive a 20% discount!

*If you have a certification from an organization other than ACSM or NSCA, you can contact that organization to ask about petition requirements to obtain CEs from our course.


Disclaimer:  The courses, resources, and information provided on this website are designed for educational purposes only and should never be considered or construed to be the provision of legal advice. For individual legal advice, it is necessary to obtain legal counsel in the jurisdiction where such appropriate advice can be provided.