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Experienced University Professor

For 20 years, Dr. Eickhoff-Shemek taught a graduate Legal Issues/Risk Management course for exercise science and fitness/wellness students at the University of South Florida (USF) and the University of Nebraska at Omaha as well as a unit on legal issues/risk management topics in a management class for undergraduate students in exercise science. Most of the graduate students in her classes at USF received their bachelor’s degree in exercise science from many different universities across the country and most of them had very little or no exposure to this content in their undergraduate programs. The following are examples of “student comments” who have taken her graduate Legal Aspects of Physical Activity class at the University of South Florida. 

Course Comments:

--The course gave me a ton of insight that I never considered beforehand as far as legal matters are concerned. I can safely say that I can use much of what I have learned in this course with risk management.

--I am very glad I took this class as it has taught me a lot of legal situations that can arise within the Exercise Science field. I believe this class is really important and should be a requirement for all students…It is important that as professionals entering the field we are aware of different legal scenarios that can occur, how to avoid them and handle them if they do arise.

--It was nice learning this subject area from the leading expert in the field…the content of the course is excellent. Good stuff!

--Very glad I chose to take this course. I definitely think it should be required of all students to graduate.

Instructor Comments:

--Dr. Eickhoff was a fantastic teacher with a true passion with what she teaches. It was an honor to be in her class.

--Great teacher, really helped keep this class interesting and relate-able to real life.

--Dr. Eickhoff is truly an expert in this subject matter. Sometimes it is difficult to grasp what seems like a foreign concept. It is difficult for someone with no background in law to jump into a class based on case law and litigations. However, Dr. Eickhoff knew the subject like the back of her hand. Even though sometimes the complexity of case laws and the amount of reading wore my brain down, I never felt there was anything Dr. Eickhoff could not explain, and she was always able to make the law concepts relevant if we had trouble conceptualizing it. Law is certainly not my favorite subject, but Dr. Eickhoff was a very good instructor with a great passion for her area of expertise.

--Provided amazing feedback. Made sure we understood the material-thank you.

--Dr. Eickhoff is hands down one of the best professors I have had! She is professional and has high expectations of her students, but she is also caring and understanding. Her experience and knowledge that she has been able to gain through her numerous work experiences are remarkable and she does a great job transferring that knowledge to her students.

--You are an exceptional instructor. Out of all my instructors at the graduate and undergraduate level, you possess the highest level of professionalism that I have encountered. I admire your passion for what you do and respect your tremendous contribution to the field. Thank you for everything.

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